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The liquid sachet packaging machine has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, high precision, low energy consumption and labor saving. The packaging machine can be widely used in cosmeceutical, food, pharmaceutical, health care products and other industries. 


Liquid sachet packaging machine features

◆ Gear pump quantitative filling system: The liquid (paste) filling system is a high-precision gear pump quantitative filling device refined by CNC SUS316L stainless steel material, which has high precision, strong versatility, and is suitable for high-viscosity (pet food) materials. 

Each row of independent bus servo motor drives the gear pump to control the quantitative filling, with an insulated double-layer hopper, which has basic functions such as two-way mixing and automatic feeding. Automatic liquid packaging machine is equipped with a general cleaning device as standard, but it can also be combined with a CIP cleaning system.

◆ Easier maintenance: All parts in contact with the packaged material can be quickly disassembled and installed.

◆ Vertical sealing features: Vertical 45°sealing device has good longitudinal sealing effect and can be opened from the middle to both sides for easy maintenance.

The liquid packing machine is suitable for the packaging of various solid-liquid pastes (sauces,seasonings, hot pot bases, seasonings, ketchup, honey, jams(with residues), creams, facial cleansers, shower gels,etc.).

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