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This automatic sachet filling machine is widely used in the automatic packaging of loose powdered products in medicine, health food and other industries, such as (pharmaceutical) powder, probiotics, protein powder, meal replacement powder, spirulina powder, instant coffee powder, lotus root powder, tea powder, pearl powder, seasoning, etc.

The packing equipment has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, high precision, low energy consumption and labor saving.

Automatic sachet filling machine features

◆ Vertical sealing: Vertical 45°sealing device has good longitudinal sealing effect and can be opened from the middle to both sides for easy maintenance.

◆ Customized screw: The screw is customized according to the number of materials, fluidity and sugar content.

◆ Easier maintenance: All parts in contact with the packaged material can be quickly disassembled and installed.

Powder sachet packaging machine can be widely used in cosmeceutical, food, pharmaceutical, health care products and other industries.

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