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Powder packaging machine from Coretamp integrates screw-based measuring and filling, streamlining your production process by eliminating manual tasks. Achieve accurate and consistent measurements every time, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

Powder packing machine features

1. By screw machine complete measuring, flling, etc, suitable for measuring powder material.

2. The servo drive system, has the advantages of high precision, stable performance.

3. Stainless steel open container clean and convenient. Equipped with safety protection so as to meet the requirements of enterprise safety management.

4. PLC double pull or single tensile membrane structure chart system, motor sealing and cutting positions adopt automatic correction device.

5. Constitute a large display touch screen drive control core, maximum limit to improve the control precision, reliability and the intellectualized degree of the packing machine.

6. The machine and measuring configuration can be done automatially measuring, feeding, fling bag, inflatable (exhaust), date printing, full packaging process and automatic counting.

7. Perfect automatic alarm protection function, minimize loss help timely troubleshooting.

8. Packaging design diversified, back closure, Angle, bag, punching, etc.

Powder packing machine applications

The powder pouch packing machine can complete the measurement, flling and other work, suitable for measuring those easy to flow or poor fluidity of powder granular materials. Such as milk powder, protein powder, flour, solid beverages, cocoa powder, chicken powder, sugar, food additives, beverages, dyes, flavors and spices.

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