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Weighing packaging machine with multihead computerized combination weigher that is suitable for packaging various of granule package.

Granule packing machine features

1. New design with perfect fashion, more reasonable structu re, more advanced technology.

2. Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, intuitionistic and fficient.

3. Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, superexcellent capability for complete machine, perfect packaging.

4. With auto warning protection function to minimize loss.

5. Various kinds of bag, it could provide the pllow bag, angle fold bag, hang hole bag, link bag, etc.

6. Automatic correct function, save time, labor, and film, the operation more intelligent.

7. Adopt external flm feeding mechanism. Film stting be more easy and quick.

Granule packing machine applications

Dry food packing machine from Coretamp is suitable for weighing white sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, monosodium gluta-mate, chicken essence, milk powder, coffe, seasoning powder powdery and small granular materials. Bulk grain, slice, short bar material products such as puffy food, shrimp chip rice, sunflower seed, seed, peanut. The volumetric cups can be make to open-close model measure equipment.

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